Walmart Conditions İn China

Walmart is the world's largest retailer we also olur.fir accurate analogy with the WalMart with a short time before his move to China yaptı.b invest significant investments were also able to create a huge employment.

After this brief information, let's get to the real issue that we WalMart working conditions.

Companies working time, that daily working hours as allowed in 7.5 hours a day in a very belirlenmiştir.haf and the retailer's case, you are entitled to fill your year annual permit.

Walmart all staff whatever reason a firmadır.y New giving unconditional overtime in any way, the more you study the situation, to get the cost of this work months in addition to the last salary promised konusudur.ayrı by WalMart stores generally from sales through staff contributions.Would amount o period varies according to the quota and staff wages.
With respect to the fee issue, the company is also a staff began a new job 500 - in between the 1000 dollar monthly as a fee food aid in addition to the company charges almaktadır.ayrı by varying regularly, the amount of the bulunmaktadır.ücret and help his support staff person's expertise and work It may vary according to the year.

Note: Salary of Assistant Store Manager and is different from staff salaries.

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